Nose Ring Infection

April 1, 2012 lu Jewelry

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Nose ring infections are caused by bacteria, allergies to certain metals or the type of jewelry you are using for the nose. Careless or improper nose Piercing is one of the causes of nose ring infections. It is of utmost importance that ensures that the person who runs the piercing using sterile material and wearing sterile gloves to do the piercing. Do not apply cosmetics near the pierced region for the first days because cosmetics can clog pores and invite infection. Do not touch the area pierced with unwashed hands. If you are using a very small piece of jewelry for your nose, you can interrupt the flow of blood to the tissues. The body may also refuse a foreign body (metal) If you are allergic to certain metals.

Symptoms of nose ring infection
A bump nose ring infection is characterized by redness and swelling. The bump and the surrounding areas will be painful and often accompanied by a heated feeling. Discharge of pus yellow, green or grey from reliefs is common. Some people also have a bleeding from impact. These are the most common symptoms of infection nose ring. If you notice other details, reactions then immediately consult a dermatologist to get the problem diagnosed fast.

Nose Ring infection treatment
If you’re wondering how to treat infections in the nose ring, here are some tips to cure the problem.
Sea salt mixed in water is the natural way to get rid of those red prominences seen during nose ring infections. Mix a teaspoon of salt with eight ounces of water. Tampon with cotton balls soaked in the solution over the bump.
You can clean the infection bump with antibacterial soap and water. Put against bacterial SOAP on the tip of a cotton swab and apply on the hump. After this, wipe the bump and the surrounding area with lukewarm water.Antibacterial creams like bacitracin and neomycin can be used for shock. These creams help reduce pain and swelling, but it is always better to consult a doctor before applying any of these creams.
Sometimes doctors prescribe oral antibiotics, depending on the intensity of the infection. These are given antibiotics to kill the bacteria that are causing these infections. Antibiotics are prescribed for a period from three to five days.
How to cure infections in the nose ring, of course, you ask? Well here is a way. Benefits of lavender oil, helping wounds heal faster, if applied gently bump.
Tea-tree oil and alcohol can be used if prescribed by a doctor. However, they must be used in moderation, as these oils can be harmful to sensitive tissues around the nose.
Avoid alcohol and caffeine in any form, as it could slow down the healing process. A healthy diet and good habits of sleep can speed up the healing process.
Safe for the nose ring jewelry
Titanium unique jewelry is a good option for nose rings, Titanium is light and porous. Tiny pores present in the metal body tissues can easily adjust. Gold jewelry can also be used for nose rings. At least 75 percent of gold jewellery must be present for this purpose. Gold plated jewelry is not recommended for the nose ring, because the gold coating is very thin and wears easily. This can cause damage to internal tissues. White gold jewelry is delicate and visually, but ensure that you’re not allergic to it before you use it, as it contains nickel. Sterling Silver jewelry can be used as well. Non-wearing stainless steel or silver jewelry on the nose. The first is not so sure and can cause infections. The coating oxidized of the latter is accumulated on the skin.The skin around the nose ring betsy johnson becomes darker. Wear a nose ring that is safe and does not cause allergies.

It is always important to select jewelry depending on the suitability of it with your skin. Different types of wounds are various time periods of recovery. Nose ring infections also occur and vary depending on the weight and dimensions of the jewels. Consult a piercing professional before putting a ring in the nose again. In addition, you now have this article to reference each time to the question “how to heal an infection in the nose ring?” dares to persecute.

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