5 Tips For an Awesome Temporary Tattoo – Learn the Secrets to Getting Cool Ink

August 23, 2012 lu Tattoo

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Here are the 5 principles of obtaining amazing tattoo:1. Avoid trends. If everyone in the block makes the same tattoo, then bypass. Although this may seem a great idea at first tattoo, because everyone does that in a year or two at the trendy everyones going to wy?miewa? for the ski fashion. You’re after the amazing tattoo will now issue kiepskie, bo becomes a trend.2. go to a tattoo Salon. This may seem obvious, but a lot of people who receive the “home-made tattoos”, to save money or because their friend wants to be a tattoo artist and the needs of the skin to the exercises. This is a very regrettable tats to look so fierce especially for years, since it will disappear.3. Go larger, not smaller. This is a huge mistake that many people. They want to be understood from a conservative will be smaller, but then realize that they should definitely have their already larger, since the tattoo much stronger and more amazing.4. Select the destination smart. Good design tattoo may be poor if it is in the wrong place. Certain constructs which will not look good in certain areas of the body. Choose a few different opportunities to invest, and then contact the grips tattoo artist and ask him, which area will look best.5. use the Tattoo Gallery. This is easier than ever today to wskoczy? on the Internet and check the Gallery of tattoo that will have thousands of the best designs of the highest available quality. Are you sure you want to use this, you’ll find its final draft of a tattoo.

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