Henna – The Best Way to Do Temporary Tattoos

August 31, 2012 lu Tattoo

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Temporary tattoo fake large are introduced as fun activities for the children and is used as a medium of expression. However, in recent years the tattoo has emerged as a fashion statement for men and women throughout the world. India Henna is considered to be the best choice for temporary tattoos because the nature of the herbal and method of quick and easy application. Henna is also believed to have some therapeutic properties and antiseptic.Henna temporary tattoos and their rootsHenna has been used to decorate the body and hair for a long time and found its roots in ancient Egypt. Journey from Egypt to India and other parts of Asia, the popularity of henna has now spread to Western countries. Originally used by the people of Egypt to stain the fingers and toes of the Pharaoh before mummification, henna is now being used more and more as a beauty product. In some countries, such as India and Turkey, even girlfriends used to condition halloween nail sticker and hair color. Are considered lucky, India henna applied on Palms for weddings and events. Design has become quite Complicated girlfriend craze among people of all generations.In recent years, several innovative henna-based cosmetic products have been launched. Henna-based eyeliners, lipsticks, lip gloss, lip balm and nail polish that much interest in the United Kingdom and the United States.Advantages of temporary Henna tattoosHenna is the best option for temporary tattoo not just because of the ease of application, but also because it is a natural product. This is completely free of chemicals and therefore do not harm your body or skin in any way. Henna has been used in India the Palm of the hand for centuries due to the nature of the cooling that helps cope with hot summers.Henna tattoos are not only enables rapid application, it can also fade quickly with repeated washing.This means that you can have something new to show friends and family whenever you meet them. You can choose to apply the tattoo complicated for special events in the belief that it would fade before it can affect your professional appearance when You get back to work. Henna tattoos are also in accordance with the benefits offered by other temporary tattoos. Henna products are available in several color now and secure environment. Henna products, such as Pens, can be used to make all sorts of designs with ease. In fact, now my girlfriend is being used in many cosmetic products such as lipsticks and eyeliners, even gel skin.

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