Nautical Star Temporary Tattoos on Wrist

November 21, 2012 lu Tattoo

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Wrist tattoos have always been a favorite of the circle of tattoo lovers. And the Nautical Star tattoos are some of the simple tattoos with deep symbolic meanings. Meaning of Nautical Star tattoo has always been talking about. These tattoos originated from the sailor group, to whom the Nautical Star is controlled through the night. These tattoos have also been in contact with punk stars. But the Nautical Star tattoos on the wrist are also linked to the belief a person is gay or lesbian. Before moving on to know more about why the marine star tattoos on the wrist is related to homosexuality, the Nautical Star tattoos meanings related to the rest of us.Nautical Star tattoos-original meaningThe Nautical Star is a five armed star with each arm divided into two symmetrical parts. These symmetric sections of each arm are colored alternating colors. The very first group of people to tattoo themselves with nautical star was the sailor group. Long back, sailing was considered to be very life-threatening job because very less equipment available in the directions and safety, especially at night. These people used to rely completely on the star of the North, in the direction of navigation at night. This particular star was the North Star, as we know it today. This star stays in the same position for a long period of time, that is north facing and therefore, sailors can rely on this star for directions. Thus sailors could easily navigate at sea with the help of this star and that’s why they named it the Nautical Star. The sailors began a tattoo of this Nautical Star as a Lucky Charm, which they believed will give them a safe trip home. This is considered to be the original meaning of Nautical Star flower temporary tattoo meanings of Nautical Star, but the time has changed gradually. Read more on Nautical Star tattoos designs.Nautical Star Tattoos on the wristWith the arrival of the 20th century, maritime star tattoos started getting different controversial meanings.The society, which was not accepted by the end of this century the concept of homosexuality and people who were homosexuals had to hide their preferences. Somehow I started to the Nautical Star tattoos, lesbian women as evidence of their direction. The wrist was chosen because of the ease of hiding a tattoo of nautical miles. During the day the star was hidden using cloth and accessories, and at night, it was left open to communicate with. The origin of this concept is not yet clear, but as time wore on, Nautical Star tattoo on wrist became a symbol of homosexuality. By the end of the 20th century, such as the gay and lesbian community began to accept the ordinary people, this meaning of Nautical Star disappeared. And these days, the Nautical Star tattoo on your wrist is a mere fashion statement. Read more on, nautical star tattoos on foot and Nautical Star tattoos on hips.Wrist tattoos are some of the smallest and prettiest tattoos. Though wrist is a very small place, you can get beautiful tattoos on it, detailed models. Usually, the tattoos are used in wrist are simple and cute. A lot of people who want to hide their tattoos full sleeves, usually go wrist tattoos. Even some employers do not allow their employee to stand on any part of your body art, so, if you are working with such employer, then wrist tattoo is the right choice for you, because you can hide it completely in long-sleeved shirts and other accessories.The Nautical Star tattoo is simple, symmetrical, and the compact size of the tattoo, wrist tattoo meets all the requirements. Wrist tattoo can be placed on the inner wrist, upper wrist or be able to surround the entire area of the wrist in the form of a charms for bracelets like design. There are not many variations, that anyone can do with a Nautical Star tattoo on your wrist. But one has to keep in mind that the wrist is a very sensitive area, because very less padding and hence, wrist tattoos are quite painful. In addition, wrist tattoos take longer to heal due to high movements.You may need to tinker with the wrist tattoo, the because the wrist is in a very high level of exposure. Read more about:Wrist tattoos for GirlsNautical Star Tattoos for girlsNautical Star Tattoos For GuysThis was a summary on Nautical Star tattoos on wrist. So many of the controversial meaning of Nautical Star, one may get confused when you selected this tattoo as an art form. But you should also consider other meanings of Nautical Star such as, Lucky Charm, desire to be a star, strength, protection, etc.

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