Show That You Care With Heart Temporary Tattoo Designs

December 3, 2012 lu Tattoo

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Art is welcome in any form, and when it comes to body art, 4u fake tattoo are considered to be the best form of expression and ideas, making a statement and define your personality at the same time. The most popular among tattoo addicts are heart tattoo design, sported by many as a symbol of true love and romance.So, what’s so special about the cliched idiom-’ use your heart on your sleeve “C which makes the heart tat design fashionable all over everywhere? Many would say it is the representation of the ‘ inner self and feelings, and the idea behind the heart tat is to portray your feelings openly, without being shy of anything.Deeper down, the importance attached to the ultimate symbol of femininity, showcased by the inverted triangle, which was created from an association with the female pubic triangle, conceptualizing the romance and passion in all its glory. But this is not all that heart tattoo can be tracked down. There are several other connotations to it as well. In the religious context, is the Sacred Heart Christianity portrayed through this design essentially represents a complete devotion to Christ and his divine heart. And while heart tattoo design is usually used to embody love and romance, they are also sometimes used as a symbol of grief and sorrow for the deceased.And there are so many different forms of the heart that you can now choose to flaunt on your body. One of the most popular heart tattoo design is one in which there is an arrow that passes through the heart, symbolizing directed energy and penetration that one feels when stung by love. The Golden Heart is also very popular, representing the consciousness of God and themselves. The other popular heart tattoo ideas are the ones that have the heart with flowers, or wings, or flames, a key, and so on.

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