Temporary Tattoos – Reasons and Motivations!

December 5, 2012 lu Tattoo

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The art of tattooing is practiced among the indigenous tribes in various parts of the world. Tattoos are used as symbols of status and rank. It is also used as a symbol of religious and spiritual loyalty. where to buy fake tattoo also serve as decoration for bravery, sexual temptations or trademarks of fertility. It also allows for a promise of love, punishment, amulets or talismans for protection. It can also be used to outcasts, convicts or slaves to highlight. The performance and impact of tattoos differ in different places and cultures. Tattoos can also show a person feelings relative to a person, usually a family member (a mother or father, a son or daughter). It can also be a Memorial of a loved one who has died.Today, people decide to tattoos for cosmetic purposes, such as if they want permanent perfectly formed lips. Others have the sentimental, magical or religious reasons. There are also some who use tattoos to symbolize that they belong to, or with a specific group, which also includes criminal gangs, a particular ethnic group or a respectable subculture to identify. Some tribes, such as the Maori, still choose to complex tattoos on the face known Meko wear. In some countries, such as Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, the Mantra tattoo is popular because it is a symbol of protection against evil. It is also an increase in happiness of a person.Intricate decorative tattoo is normal between the members of the traditional freak shows and by the performance artists who follow in their tradition. Previously, some people tattooed with violence for several reasons. A popular example is the classification system for prisoners detained in concentration camps during the time of the Holocaust.Tattoos can also help forensic experts identify mangled, burnt or putrified bodies. If the tattoo pigment carrier is sufficient deep buried in the layers of the skin, even severe burns not broken a tattoo. Tattoos are now also find their use in medicine, especially so that instruments can stand for a series of radio therapy.Tattoos can be for people because of the variety of applications. It is not just limited to way a person of self expression.

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