Temporary Tattoo – The Next Big Thing!

December 8, 2012 lu Tattoo

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If, for some time now you have been contemplating on getting themselves closed, but never had the courage to do so, you may want to try a temporary tattoo. Temporary tattoo eagle temp offer the same satisfaction that permanent tattoos, without the accompanying pain and discomfort that the permanent tattoos. It is called temporary due to art only lasts about 2-14 days. If you get bored of it, since you can simply erase the tattoo with the use of baby oil or rubbing alcohol what is easily available. You get the tattoo in an instant, without pain, and just how easy it is to delete as quickly and as painlessly as possible.Temporary tattoos are still using ink, but instead of ink to be etched into your skin, is just sprayed or airbrushed on your skin. Although the technique is temporary, the paints currently available on the market are actually durable. It also dries instantly so you don’t have to feel confused after application. Temporary tattoos are great for themed parties. Guests will have the opportunity to have their own tattooed without fear of pain or permanence.The first thing you have to remember when choosing your temporary tattoo ink is to look for companies who say their product is FDA approved. To date, the food and Drug Administration does not regulate tattoo inks. The second thing to remember is to use paints that are ready to spray. It is harder if you buy paints concentrated so it may be difficult for spraying and so you may end up trying a different combination to dilute the concentrate. You can only get frustrated. Even these airbrush paints ready have yet to be set, but they are much easier to adjust than the concentrated paint.Some of the brands of ink available in the market include Nazille, OCC, ABA and EBA, Totally Tattoo, Duratat and Paasche brand.Once again, remember to ask the sales clerk if your tattoo ink is cosmetic grade and suitable for skin with FDA approved ingredients. As an extra precaution, you may want to also have the MSDA sheet so that there will be no surprise to you.

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