Various Flower Temporary Tattoos and the Meaning Behind Them

December 13, 2012 lu Tattoo

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Flower tattoo and was popular since the introduction of color colorful detail and evolved. Much like the Zodiac symbols, flower tattoo has a meaning beyond its beauty. Floral tattoo has no gender boundaries. Flowers as a group presents new birth or tender age by the nature of their existence be bright, gentle and short-lived. Each flower has signed real meaning though there are many artist created signed flowers.Colorful floral independently or as an AccentFlowers and floral tattoos are versatile design component that can be standalone or part of a tattoo of a different design. It is common to see the skulls and roses, however one rose or group of roses and other popular tattoo subject. Another might be a broken heart with one grew up going through the cracks of the spines.Some of the flowers used in Tattoos and their meaningsRose: rose, like a flower out of time with each color has its own representation. Grew up in one of several common stems bearing Stud and the stud is representative of pain and resentment.The color red symbolizes love, romance, beauty and a Christian idea clean, fresh start and blood.Yellow color means friendship, missing person or pending rights.A white representative of purity and innocence.Pink means grace, gentility and growthBlack means death, end, mourning or disapproval.Sunflower is the heart flower with a short season of growth until it grows up to 6 feet, as if to stretch toward the Sun. It is not surprising that a sunflower symbolize high strength or follow your heart and intuition when used as a tattoo. Sunflowers are also representative of loyalty or search authority.Tattoo Lotus Flower means simplicity, or be in a State of conscious understanding.Lily tattoo flower symbolizes innocence and purity of soul, purity, and eternal.Cherry Blossom or floral sticker tattoo flower are from Asian counties and has a sense that life is temporary, for this little capsule of the time to the next.A flower of a hibiscus or Hawaiian flower symbolizes the living in the moment, and, as the tattoo of Hawaiian beauty also mean a good life, enjoying life, respect for life and much more. Hibiscus has many meanings as well as rose.Here are just a few:Cactuses and flowers mean longevity and endurance.Daisy: InnocenceTulip: the magic of fairy tales and dreamsTiger Lilly: ProsperityL?tik: top quality, wealthNarcissus: to yourself or the self-esteem of (a selfish narcissist view of life)Purple: FaithfulnessIris: passion flowerBaby breathing: from the heart

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