Get a Temporary Tattoo to Match Your Personality

December 24, 2012 lu Tattoo

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It sounds like a good idea. Get a tattoo and show it to the world. You want to say “I’m calm”, and you want to be admired by those who see it. But it is important that you get the tattoo matches your personality. We get the tattoo says a lot about us as a person, and if you get one that gives conflicting messages, then it may lead you into all sorts of difficulties.Imagine, for example, that you are shy, humble nature. Do you think that if you have a tattoo, say, jump a tiger or Lion attacks, something that can make you look a little more original or even intimidated by those who see it. Well, maybe, but it can also make people want to put you to the test, too, to see if the man inside matches the image he portrays on the street. You could end up in all sorts of trouble. This is what happened to my friend, which is why I mention it.We sat at the bar one evening, having a quiet drink after work, when several large (tattooed) guys who obviously had too much to drink, noticed a charging Leopard on Derek. They perevalcem again and started to tease him. “So you’re a big fan of cats right? They laughed. “Do you have claws like a Leopard then?”. It was a formidable and intimidating, and I don’t mind admitting it, we were both horrified, Bigtime.Needless to say, we did posp?nij out, we don’t want to get into a fight over something so trivial as a tattoo.Make sure that the tattoo than to stay in the match, which is inside you. If you have a few quiet, ntrospektivnij character, then how about Celtic designs? For centuries historians have tried to unravel the beautiful designs while unexplainably left by our ancestors, the Celts. They radiate a sense of mystery and miracles, that should force everyone to talk.There is an appropriate design for all, so it’s definitely worth getting a tattoo, make sure you get the temporary the best tattoo that fits your personality, or you could come to seriously get unstuck.

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