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December 25, 2012 lu Tattoo

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With stars like Angeline Jolie sporting tattoos almost everywhere, you can blame young kids today, if they want to get a tattoo or two? Tattoos in fact is not a new concept. It is an ancient form of body art. Almost every culture in the world has shown traces of tattoos. In fact, the oldest known tattoo is 5300 years old!History Of TattoosYes, I’m talking about tattoos that discovered oetzi the Iceman, who was found in 1991. Tattoo he sports consists of basically criss-cross, vertical and horizontal lines. It is, of course, some of the theories about why tattoos are there in the first place. No matter the reason, it is true that oetzi had a tattoo!In fact, not only traces the history of oetzi, rich has been found in many other cultures of temporary tattoos snake as well. Russian mummies, about 2400 years old, found in Siberia, Egyptian mummies were, Japanese figures, and even our own Indian culture-you name it and they have tattoos for eleven years!Tattoos represent different things-social stature, religion, prayer incantations. In many cases, they are just there for decoration. Men and women from all over the world sporting beautiful tattoos every possible color and shape. And you can join their number too.How to find a good tattoo artistBut don’t rush into anything. Before getting a tattoo, it is very important that you do your decision carefully, because if you get a tattoo, you can’t get rid of it easily. Plus it’s really expensive, and remove it. Ask around to find out where people get their tattoos done and consider reviews. Tour a tattoo before you make your decision.The first thing you’ll notice about the tattoo parlor is whether it is clean or not. See if the tattoo artist uses sterilized needles and tools-in fact, it is best if you visit the tattoo artist, who uses disposable needles. Be sure to take note of the overall cleanliness of the place, too.Ask some questions, too. It is a good idea to get as comfortable as you can tattoo parlor staff.Also check out the patterns in your directory and on the Internet as well. In order to see if they are any good, can be compared to the actual design of the tattoo. Then you can decide whether you want to work with in particular a tattoo artist or not.Getting a tattoo is a big deal. Usually refers to an adult individual-people find exactly who they are. Or it will be done when people assimilate ourselves to a particular group or culture. Other people get a tattoo just because they like the idea of getting art to make your own skin-you will get a prominent tattoo with bright colors or a small private area for that special person. Whatever the reason may be to get a tattoo, just be careful, before you take the plunge!

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