Old School Temporary Tattoos

December 27, 2012 lu Tattoo

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Old school tattoo is a term that has caused much confusion in the tattoo world. Many people do not know exactly what an old school tattoo, so ni e decided to give you a basic definition. Old school tattoo designs is American tattoo that was popular during the three decades from the 1920s through the 1950s. These make temp tattoos usually consist of simple designs, such as pin-up girls, birds, boats and anchors. Old school tattoos were generally done with big, bold designs that are meant to be worn with pride. Had become so big and bold designs tattoo, because then was much different than the modern tattoo.1000s of Printable Tattoo DesignsThis goes for a variety of reasons, but the main reason was because tattoo guns and yang inks were very good. Over time these tattoos will become distorted and become unreadable. This was because the ink used at the time, guo ndian ink? will often degrade in lighter colors. So make sure the tattoo artist designs were great and simple to make sure this didn’t happen to yang. Another reason why old school tattoos were just because wei is whip? yang was not used. Most artists had time to make either wei style tattoo ree? or should the skin design stencils with charcoal. Since the artists worked carbon membranes will smear and the design will collapse. A simple design has allowed the artists to continue with the tattoo without having to repeat the stencil.

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