All You Need to Know About Your Temporary Tattoo Ink

December 28, 2012 lu Tattoo

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You “get inked”? Getting a tattoo may raise a number of questions in your mind-is it safe? If you avoid certain color? That’s why knowing about different kinds of tattoo ink can help you make the right decision. Tattoo ink is perhaps the most important element of tattoo supplies.Ink tattoo can help you add color in the art of the tattoo on your skin. You insert the ink into the skin using the skin with a needle strikes the tattoo artist. It is interesting that tattoo ink is ink at all, and pigments suspended in nesu?j. There are two main components of the ink-tattoo pigment and a carrier.Pigment ink can be made with a number of things, including plant dyes, plastics, heavy metals and other minerals. Carriers, on the other hand there are liquids that are used for delivery of pigment under the skin. If the media tattoo ink well, this will help the color is evenly distributed throughout the design, without spreading and clumping. It can also help a little in the disinfection action. However, if the tattoo artist’s supplies are low quality, and if the carrier is not good material, it could cause more harm than good.That could be a negative impact of tattoos?Tattoos are permanent, although zdoba to fading. In the end, the color of the foreign pigment within the body and, therefore, your immune system is trying to break the color and pull it out of your body. But as the pigment particles are too large to be destroyed by your white blood cells, the majority of your color remains unchanged.Some of the common risks associated with tattoo ink scarring, Phototoxic reactions, i.e. reactions on the skin, when colors are exposed to sunlight, allergic reactions to material used in pigment. Some of the ink, plastic-based, as they say, cause more reviews than the other types of ink, although they create a more bright color.Other inks can be radioactive or toxic, depending on the quality of tattoo supplies.The use of alcohol in ink tattooIf you ingest alcohol in your tattoo supplies or if your alcohol ink as a carrier, it allows the chemicals to enter the blood stream easily. This is because alcohol is a promoter. Basically it assumes that sinerg?no works with a variety of carcinogens and mutagens in ink, making them more harmful than they could be.Alcohol increases the chance of mutation in a cage, he not only in the field of tattoos, but all over the body.Know your inkThere are different types of tattoo inks out there on the market. Tattoo ink ingredients are not required to be identified in the course of a manufacturer that makes things difficult. However, some famous brands have used a number of artists, as part of their supply tattoo Intenze ink free shipping tattoos temporary and MOM tattoos ink.Black ink tattoo light has also become quite popular lately. However, the effect of pigments were identified correctly, and they may be radioactive or other harmful.If your an artist mixes your colors, it can be pretty safe-but only if he uses as food. Some of the safest carriers, which can be used in the ink of ethyl alcohol as vodka, propylene glycol, Witch Hazel, Listerine, glycerin, and so on.Remember that until you get your tattoo done with safe and hygienic salon and an artist who believes in the use of supplies as a tattoo, you’re sure to get great results. Quality brands of tattoo ink to minimize risk for your body-lowering risk factors for almost zero. So, make sure you research your artist and tattoo supplies they use and then enjoy the experience of being signed for life!

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