About Chinese Dragon Temporary Tattoo – What Most People Don’t Know But Should

January 18, 2013 lu Tattoo

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Chinese Dragon is a mythical divine animals originate from old Chinese folklores. It is now commonly depicted as a large, serpentine, and scaled creature. In contrast to the “western dragon”, which has been described as evil, have Chinese Dragon long been symbolized as auspice in both folklore and art of power. Created in the countryside with an agriculture-oriented country, Chinese Dragon believed to bring rain and water which well explains the position it takes in the Chinese culture.For centuries, proud Chinese people designates itself as “Long De Chuan Ren”, or “descendants of the Dragon”. This ethnic identity is believed to be descended from Huang Di, a sympathetic, legendary emperor who was said to have been immortalized into a dragon. Da Huang Di is considered to be the ancestor to the Chinese, hence the saying “descendants of the Dragon”.Due to Huang Di myth is Chinese Dragon also symbolized as an imperialist power. For dynasties emperors were referred to as “Long Zi” or “offspring of Dragon”, who bore the Imperial robe with a kites dragged on and claimed to have a dragon parent tag as a divine permission from heaven.Chinese Dragon is also among the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac, a special Chinese way to denote years. To be more specific, year 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, 1952 or any year with a 12-year-old chasm between would be the year of Dragon. In order to be “like a dragon”, there are more children born in the year of dragon than in any other animal years of the Chinese zodiac.In view of all the foresaid reasons, it is not difficult to understand why the Chinese Dragon is so popular among tattoo star fake lovers. In fact, if you happen to be born in these Dragon years it is very recommended that you get a dragon tattoo, because you are born blessed to be associated with Chinese Dragon.Basically, is the Chinese dragon be tattooed in two forms: image and character.Some prefer to have their entire back area with a live picture of the tattooed Dragon, while others may be happy with the Chinese character for “dragon” tattooed in a one-inch square of the range. For the dragon tattoo marks, would a careful selection of the image as well as a tattoo artist should be enough to ensure a quality dragon tattoo. For Dragon tattoos, however, takes the nature of the efforts to find a great tattoo idea, since you have to take many factors into consideration, including the literal sense, the “current” opinion, and “cultural significance” of the words you choose. Well, it’s just the tricky thing of Chinese.Fortunately there are many Chinese phrases, that connects with the idea of Chinese Dragon. Followings are three dragon-related Chinese idioms for your reference.Shen Long Ma Zhuang/Long Shen Ma Zhuangstrong and energetic with an impressive bearing.Both Shen Long Ma Zhuang and Long Shen Ma Zhuang are legitimate, since a form language, which in many cases, Chinese characters can be oriented in the words still remain a similar meaning, like this one.Literally, it means “magical, Shen with divine power”, Long means “Dragon”, Ma means “horse” and Zhuang means “strong.” In Chinese culture, the horse is considered intelligent, powerful and friendly to humans, and is therefore used in conjunction with the Dragon in this idiom to describe the State of being strong and energetic.By the way, would be a very nice character for Shen ink alone, which could also mean “Almighty”.Ru Long Si Hu: brave and energeticBoth Ru and Si means “similar” in Chinese, so this idiom literally means “like a dragon as a tiger”. Traditionally, Hu (tiger) and Long (Dragon) used together in phrases, idioms and sayings to show a status of being strong, in power, and dominant. Needless to say, this idiom would definitely fit for men, because it is full of strength and masculinity.What is worth noting is that Long normally appear before Hu in expressions, and it seems odd when turned. It is said, it would be a good idea to add Hu to your tattoo, if your previous choice was to ink Long alone, but the right way to do this would be to ink “Long Hu”, not “Hu Long”.Huo Long Xi’an Jian: strong and energeticLiterally, Huo means “live”, meaning “Dragon”, the Long Xi’an means “fresh”, and means “healthy” Jian. When combined together, they constitute a unique Chinese idiom, one with a new and consistent significance. Large literal sense, large real importance and great cultural significance, this is an absolutely suitable for tattoo.These dragon-related Chinese idioms are the literary and cultural development of the Dragon and they really live up to the standards of a unique and cool Chinese tattoo. It would be so fantastic, if you find one that best fits your personality. A Chinese tattoo Dragon can be much more than an ink, but a special identity that helps you stand out from the crowd.

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