Joker Temporary Tattoos

January 25, 2013 lu Tattoo

King Horse Black and blue scorpion temporary temporary tattoos cool

This tattoo temp skull is the Joker epic and done well. Uses a variety of very large very colors including gray, purple, Orange, red, black, blue, green, and white. Green eyes start Joker near the nose and fade to yellowish green near the outside towards the cheeks. Black hair starts at the roots, then start to fade to dark red, and then turns to yellow. A clown hat to wear is purple with white tips, with yellow moons.1000s of printable tattoo DesignsIt also stars red and blue in all of this. And the clown looks as if it destroyed if the skin and access to you. The shading on the skin is red and black, as if torn. Shading on the finger joints of the joker is black and gray zha bone itself. Mouth open jokers as if contempt. All the colors complement each other, even with such a wide range, and the idea behind the tattoo is original. This is one of those classic tattoo so all I can say is “wow”.

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