5 Reasons Temporary Tattoo Conventions Suck

January 26, 2013 lu Tattoo

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1. Good Artist Gold Card-If you’ve ever seen an advertisement for a tattoo Convention, have you noticed all the named countries and great tattoo artists. A little known fact is that to get the tattoo artists who are recognized across the nation to go to the Convention and the work they may be completely booked. That means that a person is not in conventional circles inside the organization that you will never get an appointment with one of the tattoo artists who are recognized across the country.2. the style of work-since the famous tattoo artist has been given, most of the tattoo Convention turn into large groups Monday and Tuesday working factory floor style artists. The Convention is costly for the tattoo artist to attend instead of taking the time and try to do the best job, the artist may feel pressure to produce a certain amount to cover the costs of the Convention, so that the very high price of common conventionseven from a little-known local.3. Lower mix with Porn-normally the that look real fake tattoo to be sold along with other locations. The best of the music or the car hot rod, the worst of times of sex involved. More tattoo Convention will have a group of porn stars sign shop in long stretches of throwing the Conference floor. Damaged many people would show up just to take a picture with them, who take on the Convention do not care about the actual tattooing they just want someone to pay cover to get through the door.4. a lot of the pointer Finger C If you are at all in one tattoo conventions get ready to feel like a clown. The Convention was filled with locals to check out tattoo allergies they just heard on the radio. The conventions are often advertised in this fashion in order to attract more of the pointer finger5. Tattoo Contest fraud C The Convention of always having loads of competitions.The vote or will be by clapping or fill out a form, or who brings the biggest crowds in General would win. Often a local artist with the mediocre will win some of the big prizes, what audiences are generally not aware that local artists are also bringing conventions together.

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