Deciding on a Star Temporary Tattoo Design

January 28, 2013 lu Tattoo

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For thousands of years people have been fascinated by the stars in the sky. So it’s only natural that a lot of men and women is looking for a star Tattoo designs, once they think about getting a tattoo.Stars are also deeply involved in mythology, religion and symbolic meaning. Just think about how shooting stars is related to being able to fulfill your wishes or the Zodiac is believed to foretell the future.One of the benefits of a star tattoo designs is that they can come in a variety of sizes and styles. You may have a very small and simple, or you can choose a large shooting star with many intricate details.If you are looking for a more masculine than the nautical star Tattoo Design would be the perfect choice. The five points of the nautical star is usually divided into two and filled with alternating colors.This design used to be very popular with sailors, who thought that they would provide protection and more importantly supervision, but is also popular with soldiers for the same reasons. Interesting day nautical star is also associated with gays and lesbians. Some wear nautical star as a sign of their sexual orientation.Probably the best know star is davidsstjerne or the Jewish star. A six-pointed star that looks like two triangles are interlaced with each other. This design comes with a heavy history as the German Nazis forced Jews to wear clothing of distinctly batches to mark them as Jews. Maybe why today some young Jewish people wear them as a “badge of honor”.Pentagram design is arguably the oldest and most meaningful star design. Of human history many different meanings have been associated with the pentagram. Whether it be protection from evil or mathematical perfection that you can probably find a meaning that fits what you want to express with your tattoo.Tribal star design often include depictions of the Moon, as well as stars.By combining the stars and the Moon, or in some cases even the Sun, many different designs are possible know that doesn’t carry as much importance as many of the other’s motives.One of the most popular star black and white temporary tattoos designs are shooting star. As a symbol of success and happiness, they may be very intricately designed and cover large areas by adding lots of little stars to design.

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