Foot Temporary Tattoos

February 26, 2013 lu Tattoo

YiMei Waterproof personalized colorful butterfly tattoo sticker

Many women who choose to get only one foot is because the size of the design. Foot wedding tattoos fake designs are likely to be small so that they use less ink and time have less time under the needle, it means there are fewer pain from tattoo. What makes foot tattoo, another interesting one is that women tattoo can hide easily, just by wearing dresses provide regular foot massage. Therefore, if the tattoo sotpho yang to the place of her employment, she was able to cover it.Download DesignsBut won the contest to a tattoo if she is out with her friends, she can show it off in the area. Let’s look at just one foot in it what I called zha, women in General, it shows that ngamdokmai beautiful design around the ankle. This type of design is ideal, especially because women foot zha it take advantage of the natural curve and line of soft foot women. The only thing that perplexes me about this tattoo is the lack of color. I think a foot with a flower design design can still do much printing ink bright and colorful, but then again, maybe this is the yang ISN design.

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