Head Temporary Tattoos

February 26, 2013 lu Tattoo

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Although I don’t personally see the appeal t with them, the more people who decide to get a tattoo temp phoenix of the head. For a long time the head is the last place that someone would think to ink, but here recently there seems to be a huge surge in popularity for the tattooed head. Some of the pieces that I have seen done is cool, but I still don t thinks that this is a part of the body that I wanted to ink. But if you’re looking for some good ideas for a tattoo on your head, then let me give you some advice.Download DesignsOne Award Winning Tattoo design from the brightest head tattoo I’ve ever seen is a guy who has a face inked on the back of his head. This is a very cool looking head tattoo, but after awile it got kind of creepy. It was always looking at me!! Other designs to consider for your head tattoo is what I like to call it the solution for bald people. I saw it a couple of nights ago and thought that it was brilliant. A man who cannot grow hair in t the NOGGIN of his decided to have a full set of hair, complete with sideburns, inked. I think it’s cool but one thing struck me immediately. It didn t look like real hair. Big surprise, huh?

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